“WVU College of Law student interns in The Hague”

“WVU College of Law student interns in The Hague”

The Daily Anthem, local newspaper at WVU, published an article about my internship!


The Sun’ll come out tomorrow . . .

Sometimes. Sometimes it won’t. But that does not stop the Dutch. Not from shopping, not from riding their bikes, and certainly not from pretending as if there is no rain or wind at all. But they can’t fool me, I’ve figured them out. They try to pretend that the wind and rain doesn’t bother them at all, but their lack of smiles tells all. They never smile here. I smile at people and I get a reaction as though I’ve got 12 heads. Such is life.

You live and learn and then get the Dutch.

I had plans to go to Antwerp, Belgium (about 2 hours away) this past weekend with Yael . . . however, my cold got the best of me. I decided it was a better decision to stay home and rest and watch movies. ūüôā This was entirely the right decision, considering I feel 100% today. In fact, I booked a car to rent for Yael, Maud and I to make the trip THIS weekend. We are going to venture to Antwerp,to¬†the Moses Bridge¬†and to Bruges. Im pretty excited . . . mostly about Belgian Waffles (don’t worry Megan, Ill bring you some back for when you visit in March – though they may be hard and stale by that point . . .).

In other news. Heyward found me a manual to my washing machine – in ENGLISH no less. You can imagine my relief. I was getting tired of washing clothes twice. ¬†But now the Dishwasher has decided to go on hiatus. ¬†Suffice it to say that I’ve learned my lesson about that one button that has those few pictures = IT DOESN’T WORK. Europeans and their pictures on their appliances. ¬†Or maybe its just my apartment.

I am also happy to report that I will be expecting visitors very soon!!! Megan will be coming the second week of March and we’ve decided to try our luck in Barcelona. Megan figures it’ll be warmer there, I figure my Spanish has gotten a bit rusty . . . it’s basically a win win situation. I cannot wait to see my friendy (and warmer temperatures).

All in all, its going well here. Work is busy . . . and interesting. More than that I cannot say. I’m convinced there are hidden cameras and microphones everywhere and a little man inside my computer watching me. ¬†More to come after my weekend adventure. In the meantime, check out the typical dutch bicycle and a few of its variations.

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